Things You Will Notice When You First Visit Senegal

Things You Will Notice When You First Visit Senegal

When someone hears the word "Senegal", they may already have a mental picture of what the place looks like or what to expect in such a place.

When someone hears the word “Senegal”, they may already have a mental picture of what the place looks like or what to expect in such a place. This may be as a result of what they have heard around or because of the region where the country is located. Now that mental picture may be wrong, and such an individual will be shocked when he gets there as he may meet a totally different scenario from what he thought. If you are going to Senegal for the first time, there are unexpected things you will meet and see, which will be exposed below as you keep reading.

The locals are friendly even to

The locals are friendly even to strangers. Their hospitality will make you feel comfortable in the country while pushing away fear and doubt from your mind. The indigenous people will relate with you like you are a brother or a friend who they have been familiar with and will also lend a helping hand when they notice that you are struggling with something. If you were expecting hostility from them, you would be disappointed because you will get the opposite of your expectations. Tourists will be offered water, food, clothes, and even things not needed by the tourists to be willingly given to them to make sure they are comfortable.

Another unexpected thing that will be

Another unexpected thing that will be noticed is that their official language is French despite having so many other languages being spoken. Now, this is one fact that is quite surprising to people since it is often assumed that the official language should be English, just like most countries in that region. If you are planning to visit Senegal without a good understanding of the French language, it will be helpful to go along with an interpreter or hire one when you get there. This will ensure effective communication between you and the people as the citizens will understand you quite well. Locals will respond to your words and questions correctly.

Things You Will Notice When You First Visit Senegal

The most popular mode of transportation in this country is by sharing a vehicle seat with about seven people. It can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you are there for the first time or come from a location where such is not practiced. This mode of transport can leave the stranger wondering how these locals cope, but the indigenous people are not bothered since they have been living like this making them already use to it. For more comfortable transportation, a visitor or tourist will find it more comfortable if he hires a private vehicle to help with easy movement from one place to another.

There will be no dull moment for a new person in Senegal because there are lots of historic sites and tourist centers to be visited. Fun parks and recreational centers are scattered around the country to ensure your stay is enjoyed to the fullest. If you want to unwind, relax and relieve stress, recreational centers are available where you can participate in some activities with the locals. The location of these sites will be made easier if a guide is available to give directions. Getting a guide is a crucial step to take when coming to Senegal for the first time since their job is to make your tour easier, safer, and more exciting.

Something that cannot be left out is the fact that there are beautiful beaches for beach lovers present in the country. It will also be surprised to find out that a visa will not be needed to enter Senegal. Their meals will leave the visitor wanting more as they are mouth-watering and delicious. Here, they mostly eat with their hands, and if cutlery is to be used, the right hand is preferred to be used. The left hand is not welcomed on the eating table, so it is expected that the left hand should be kept away from the table or behind if the food is to be eaten on a mat.

Not leaving sport out of this list, you will be delighted to know that wrestling is one sport that is loved and enjoyed by Senegalese. Their wrestling, though not of international standard, is fun to watch and will be enjoyed by anyone paying attention. Should you decide to visit this Senegal, make up your mind to make the most of it, so come prepared.