Travel Tips for Senegal

Travel Tips for Senegal

On the borders of the western part of the tropical continent lies a small country called Senegal.

On the borders of the western part of the tropical continent lies a small country called Senegal. It is majorly dominated by Muslims and borders the North Atlantic Ocean. The fact that it’s bordering an ocean translates to beautiful beaches with good-looking palm trees and a nice breeze. People from the West or other parts of the world approach nice beaches like that with exposing attires like bikinis and short shorts. It’s worth noting that things in Senegal are different when the dress code is concerned since it’s a Muslim country. It has not yet been made official that people should cover themselves the way Muslims do but since that culture is deeply rooted, dressing like that will bring you quite the attention. Of course, this is not a bad thing, what is bad is how they relate it to being unreligious.

You can put on whatever you

You can put on whatever you like in Senegal but keep that in mind, it’s different around coastal areas because people are already used to Western culture. Something else that gets treated similar to the dress code in Senegal is liquor or drinking in general. Senegal has a few laws that regulate drinking or alcohol manufacturing. There is no legal age for drinking alcohol, governments leave that role of discipline to individuals and mosques. The country is a Muslim country so it’s expected that everyone should not be drinking but it’s not enforced.

French is Senegal's national language it's

French is Senegal’s national language; it’s spoken by almost ninety percent of the population. The French spoken in Senegal is somewhat different from how a person in France would speak it because it’s a diluted variation of it. Most words are still the same as normal French words but you may fail to realize it because natives speak it with an accent. There is a total of thirty-nine languages spoken in Senegal and it’s due to this that the French sound different. Think of that as how different English is spoken in the USA from how it’s spoken in the United Kingdom. If you’re about to travel to Senegal, brush up on your French or it’ll be impossible for you to get yourself either into or out of certain situations.

Travel Tips for Senegal

Advice often given to people traveling to a country with a distinguished language from theirs is to always hire a guide. This is also good practice when you want to visit Senegal. The best way to do it to avoid getting conned or having an illegitimate guide is by using a government platform. They have a tourism ministry for that exact purpose with hundreds of experienced tour guides that’ll take you through your whole time in Senegal if that’s what you need. Most of the government provided guides who speak several foreign languages as well as local languages, so they can help you maneuver much more easily in Senegal at cheap prices.

Something that Senegal does to their airports that several other countries don’t is giving visitors an experience. Before you even leave the airport, you’d have seen much of the country’s culture from just the airport. The government there pays people belonging to non-identical communities to come and display their culture to visors. They get paid good money consequently leading to professional performance being done 24/7. If you land in the daytime that’s when you’ll see the dancers and singers doing their thing right from where luggage gets picked to where you’ll pick a cab. At night the only aspect of their culture that you experience will be art, paintings of various war heroes, and artifacts treasured by the people.

Having paintings of war heroes is somewhat ironic though since Senegal is very peaceful. When you’re in there, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever encounter protests or get robbed by someone. The crime rate is so low that the United Nations tour recommendations ranked Senegal with a list of peaceful countries to visit. This rank extends to magazines as well as other travel authorities and agencies. Senegal is not modern, how most things get done follows traditional fashion and that’s what makes it a nice tourist spot.

Traditional ways are beautiful and it’s often advised while touring there, separate yourself from the digital world. Enjoy all the beauty Senegal has to offer, just to mention a few, there is great food, nice wild sceneries, and an original genre of music from Senegal that is so soothing. Be prepared, Senegal is a tropical place meaning that there is sunshine most of the time so carry sunscreen. Take all the necessary vaccinations for tropical diseases so that you’ll enjoy your time without falling sick. The best times to visit are between the end of November and around the end of May.